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Welcome to the first FULLY AUTOMATED Content Submitter on the planet. Here at SPIN2SUBMIT you will be able to post your articles to over 1300 Article Directories (removed very BAD directories) all over the world!.

Tons of Backlinks from thousands of IP's! We are VERY pleased to introduce this redesigned version of SPIN2SUBMIT, previously hosted under, to you.

The first version was launched October 2007. After ONE FULL YEAR of testing (trial and error), we can finally introduce this brandnew version to the public.

We don't just MAKE promises, we KEEP them. For over a year we made promises to our existing users and we are able to deliver at last. Not on one, but ALL our promises. Thankyou to all members who used the old script and who took the time to test it and give me some advise.

A Special thanks go out to John James for encouraging me and complimenting me on each improvement I made to this system. GREATLY Appreciated!! Sometimes he drove me NUTS, but here I am still today. John you were REALLY the inspiration behind this project.

Click Here to read what John and other members have to say about SPIN2SUBMIT !!

Now to the serious stuff.
for those of us who does'nt know

One of the great advantages of article marketing is the amount of FREE ONEWAY BACKLINKS you get when posting articles at Article Directories. And the more backlinks you have, the higher your site will rank in the search engines and the more organic traffic you are going to get. So the more directories you post your article to, the better.

However, the downside is that this can be a very time-consuming process, as we are aware of by now. The BIG ISSUE comes when posting the exact same article to all these directories, as the search engines dislike DUPLICATE CONTENT and will dump most of your article in the SUPPLEMENTAL RESULTS, leaving you with only one accepted article in their index and therefore only one valid backlink which will really count as the other backlinks went to the supplemental results due to the DUPLICATE CONTENT FILTER. Now is'nt that sad? All your efforts were in vain.

What you need to do, is to post a different version of your article to each directory so that the search engine don't penalize your article as DUPLICATE CONTENT. Let's say you want to post your article to 50 article directories. To accomplish this you can just search for an ARTICLE SPINNER, spin your article 50 times and add it to the directories. OH, WHAT A TIME-CONSUMING TASK!! And believe me, I know it, cause I was there once. Yep, I searched for places to automatically post my articles, but what is the use if I post the same article to 50 or 500 directories? Would'nt it be great if an ARTICLE SUBMITTER could automatically post different versions of your article to each directory? Think of ALL the valuable backlinks as your article won't get dumped in the supplemental results when filtered by the search engines.

Would'nt it be great if somebody could write a software which could do this tiresome job on your behalf? Well, to tell you the truth, there are scripts on the market that can do just that, but one shortcoming of such scripts are that they cannot post your article under the right category at the Article Directories, which will in turn cause your article to be rejected by that webmaster and render your valuable backlink useless.

Other softwares promise to create different versions of your article by replacing words with synonyms, but what they actually do is to create useless junk which have no meaning at all. This is the reason why this script came into existence.



Here at SPIN2SUBMIT, you will find ALL the TOOLS you need to accomplish your task. Read more about the FEATURES of this script by clicking here.

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